The Dover Club of Houston - 2019                                                                                                                           

  Wendy Buskop

The Buskop Law Group - Patents & Trademarks

4511 Dacoma

Houston, Texas 77092

 office 281-275-3400

 cell 713-582-2472


 Member since 2011

Buskop Law Group was established in 1992 when Wendy Buskop founded Law Offices of Wendy Buskop.
 From Law Offices of Wendy Buskop, and the acquisition of various associations, the name was changed to 
Buskop Law Group, P.C. Buskop Law Group grew and established itself as a progressive and “out of the
box” idea and strategy patent law firm with a reputation for interviewing at the patent office and innovative
solutions to get patents issued with broad scope and in depth approach.

For 17 years Buskop Law Group has focused its expertise on professionals and businesses in the offshore
industry, including ships, telecommunication devices for ships and shipping, business method patents on
shipping and drilling, all forms of patents on the locating of oil, drilling for oil and other minerals, drilling rigs,
work over rigs, control systems for rigs and pipelines, chemical inventions including fragrance formulations
and various forms of topical skin care and cosmetic inventions.

The firm, with its affiliations world wide, offers a broad spectrum of patent portfolio planning and management
expertise to clients of the firm. Buskop law group continues to provide value, convenience and seasoned
​ expertise to clients in Houston and around the world.

​ Specialties: Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks

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