The Dover Club of Houston - 2019                                                                                                                           

   A small, warm and friendly club of entrepreneurs, business owners & professionals




 "The Dover Club provides a supportive environment where I can  

 share my visions  and my challenges;  members are great people  who generously give, professionally  

 and personally."

 - Betty Bezemer, Keller Williams Realty 

The Dover Club is a support group of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals from a wide variety of fields. We meet Friday mornings at The Houstonian for coffee at 7:00. A nice breakfast is served at 7:30 and a speaker begins at 8:00. We are through promptly at 8:30. The Houstonian is a first class environment and we are by far the group meeting there the longest. Free under cover parking is a nice feature and some of the friendly waitstaff has been serving us since Dover began in 1986.